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  • Grauballe-Man
    The Grauballe Man lived on Jutland Peninsula in Denmark during the 3rd century BC
  • He was 30 years old, 5 ft. 9 tall and naked when he died
  • Found in 1952 from a peat bog in Jutland
  • It was first believed he was a man who had disappeared on his way home from a pub
  • The body is held at Moesgaard Museum
  • Analysis of his hands showed he was not involved with manual labour
  • His body was found by a group of peat cutters


He had been buried in a peat bog excavation site. His face was well preserved but distorted as well. Evidence indicates that when he was placed in it, the peat bog was full of water and eventually he sunk to the bottom of it. His bones were demineralized by acidic bog water making them look like glass. The body was compressed and flat when it was found, archaeologists believe it was because of the layers of peat pressing down on the body



Upon examination, his teeth and jaw demonstrate he suffered from starvation as a child. He suffered from arthritis in his spine. "His last meal, eaten right before his death, consisted of a porridge or gruel made from corn, seeds from over 60 different herbs, and grasses, with traces of the poisonous fungi, ergot".


He was killed during a public execution or a human sacrifice to Iron Age Germanic paganism by having his neck cut open which damaged his trachea and esophagus. He had a broken right leg, to which scholars attributed to the pressure of the bog or a blow to force him to kneel for execution. His skull was fractured due to the pressure form the bog.


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